Is One of Its Kind ERC-20 Decentralized Stable Asset

Platinum Q DAO Engineering has developed a family of fully decentralized Stable Coins.
There are 2 types of tokens: collateral for Bitcoin which are pegged to national currencies (USDQ coin, second KRWQ coin, and CNYQ and JPYQ will be soon ), and governance Q DAO coin to pay fees.
There are also 2 ways of getting USDQ (or any collateral stable coins):
-The first way is to buy them on exchanges or getting the credit via a special interface on the site.
-And the second way is to deposit at least 166% from the desired sum in bitcoin as collateral (e.x. to get 100 dollars in USDQ the user leaves 166 dollars in Bitcoins)
Q DAO coins are available during IEO on exchanges, Q BOX (internal AI feature which generates the coins), and OTC trading platform.
Platinum Q DAO Engineering team is conducting 10 rounds of IEO. Thus everyone can get a chance to become an owner of Q DAO governance coins! Transparency and fair game are guaranteed! Each token sale round will take place on the first of every month at 17:00 KST time. The first round has finished at the beginning of this month with over 15000 Q DAO coins sold!
That is one of the best results since the last bull run of 2019!





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QDAO Governance token v1.0/QDAO

Price in preICO
1 QDAO Governance token v1.0/QDAO = 30 USD

Price in ICO
30.0000 USD


Restricted areas

ICO start
1st Oct 2019

ICO end
1st Oct 2019

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About StableCoins by Platinum Q DAO Engineering

Stablecoins give financial freedom to every user, they are not controlled by any governments or central institutions, they are scalable, effective, and transparent. Platinum Q DAO team believes that USDQ, KRWQ, and coming stablecoins attached to the Q DAO ecosystem will take a leading position in the crypto industry as a golden standard of stable coins.

IEO period:

Each token sale round will take place on the first of every month at 17:00 KST (08:00 UTC)  time from 01.06.19 till 01.03.20. The first round has finished at the beginning of this month with over 15000 Q DAO coins sold! That is one of the best results since the last bull run of 2019!

The price of the Q DAO token for each round is set as follows: this is the arithmetic average of the Q DAO token trade across all exchanges over the past two weeks.

About Q DAO Ecosystem: 

The Q DAO Ecosystem comprises two coins: Q DAO and stablecoins family USDQ, KRWQ and others.

  1. Q DAO: the creation of Q DAO was factored to govern the ecosystem and to pay fees inside the ecosystem. Q DAO is a cryptocurrency inside a smart contract ecosystem that works with USDQ, KRWQ, CNYQ, JPYQ and other coins. They all look to become a hedge ecosystem that helps traders keep stability in reference to other coins currently on the market.
  2. USDQ, KRWQ, JPYQ and others are a decentralized stablecoins backed by bitcoin. They function by using algorithms and are pegged to USD or appropriate national currency, that is USDQ 1 = USD 1, KRWQ 1 = KRW 1 , etc.    

The problem solving:

The main problem to solve is reducing the volatility crypto trades face, and that’s exactly what USDQ and other Q DAO family stablecoins do. Each and every single stablecoin is backed with an amount of BTC safely stored with wallets which are connected to the smart contract ecosystem. Users can set long positions on USDQ and keep those funds stable without worrying about losing their money through the swings of the crypto market.


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This project has been reported to us for a serious, very serious manipulation given by the project team against the freedom of our experts, there have been reported both manipulation on the vote and on the judgments of the experts and illegal payments of the same, if they put 5.5.5, or 5.4.4

I think this behavior is serious and I think it’s a scam, I personally brought this scam back to the icobench team and I’m waiting for the evolution of the facts.

beware of dishonest projects that use similar tricks, here, proof link:





I must admit that after analyzing their provided documentation, I am pleased with this project. They distribute in their ICO only 49% which is a really good sign. They have an MVP and their team has passed the KYC, therefore, their core members ARE REAL. Aside from this, they managed to put together a multicultural team of professionals. The low hard cap and soft cap ensures that they are committed to their project and do not look to be greedy. A lot of good signs, I wish you the best of luck!





Platinum Q has a large, diverse team, and experienced team. I like the fact that they have a good spread of resources across several verticals.

The whitepaper is well done and covers everything you need to know. I also like the fact that they have not set a really massive hardcap. Far too many projects set a low softcap and a ridiculously high hardcap.

Whilst there are many other similar platforms, the market is still in it’s infancy and there is plenty of room for multiple players. What will differentiate the leaders in this space from the others are the value added services they attach to their platforms.

Refreshingly, this is not the case with Platinum Q





I don’t know how it’s possible and how it could be happened… anyway, this one is very epic case when all the stars had come together: Q (My favorite letter and quantum sphere I working on), most acceptable DAO organization – I also head one (DAO MBA), Stablecoin in Crypto money-space and platinum team I know personally for very long time only in respectful cases around. When persons doing right and valuable things for people around – they reach huge respect and appreciation of masses. My personal respect to all the team and board members and big wish for vast success to this great project!





Team: Perfect team. I would like to say team is good and every type of team member they have. But completely from different nation. I believe the coin is by Platinum Q DAO Engineering here is no selling of name here is quality of this project. So no doubt team is good but i want to know about why from different nations? This is really hard for CEO to control different nation team.

Vision: The theme of their whitepaper is promising.

Product: Well coded Node Js and much more programming languages are used. No doubt.





They have a team with very extensive experience coming from all around the world.

Note: 4/5

I think that stable coin which are not fluctuating is the next step in the Blockchain industry

Note: 5/5

They have a detailed roadmap and the Softcap and Hardcap seem realistic.

Note: 4/5





Dear ICOBench community,

Please note that before reviewing this project & ICO/IEO, I conducted my own DD : team background, competitors, project history, various analysis and KPIs, growth potential and a lot more factors.

Here are the results of this analysis :

– Team : Here we can see a multicultural team from all around the worlds, experienced and professional people all associated to the project on social media. It is rare to see such a complete team gathering all the necessary skills for such a project.

This is definitely worth a 4/5 for the team.

– Vision : Stable coins are more than just cryptos, they are the future of blockchain. The main blockchain issue today is volatility and liquidity. Being able to rely on a stable coin which price will not randomly fluctuate from one day to another is a must every exchange needs. Backing the coin with 166% makes it even safer. I strongly believe in this idea.

For these reasons, I give a 3/5 for the vision.

– Product : The softcap and hardcap are really low which makes us believe in the team and the project. The roadmap is clear and there is a lot of transparency, which is mandatory for this kind of projects. Let’s see what future brings us here

Therefore, I give a 4/5 for the product.

I invite investors to conduct their own DD before investing time / money on any project.





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i-Chan Huang

Chief Strategy Officer Taiwan

JiJun Kim

Korean Community Development Korea

Eddie Argueta

Head of Communications Brazil

Jitendra Rathod

Marketing manager UAE

Martin Saldamando

Strategic Partnerships United States

Howard H. Kim

Blockchain evangelist Singapore

Takeshi Ito

Business developer Japan

Herry Vu

Singaporean Community manager Singapore

Maria Danilova

Manager of Community Relations Russia

Julia Della Scala

Business Development United States

Artem Finko

Marketing and communication manager Finland

Dan Khomenko

Platinum co-founder Australia

Daria Volkova

Project manager Ukraine

Slava Mikh

Team leader Singapore Russia

Eric Risthisen

Blockchain Analyst Thailand

Slava Zhelt Senior

Security Specialist Norway Russia

Haleel Risthisen

Blockchain engineer Thailand

Nick Krash

Blockchain Architect Hong Kong Russia

Alex Adil

Blockchain engineer Singapore Russia

Den Udot

Back-end engineer Latvia Russia

Ivan Borisov

Blockchain engineer Russia

Jack McAvoy

Quality Assurance Analyst Thailand

Mike Keenum

Front-end engineer Canada Russia

Victoria Robert

Product Designer Singapore Russia

Nick Moro

DevOps engineer Estonia Russia

Rus Inoz

Research Scientist Singapore Russia

Eunchae Jang

IT Support Manager Korea

Rinat Rez

Front-end engineer Singapore Russia

Kate Ez

Front-end engineer Russia

Nick Pisarskiy

Front-end engineer Russia


Token info

QDAO Governance token v1.0/QDAO
PreICO price
1 QDAO Governance token v1.0/QDAO = 30 USD
Price in ICO
30.0000 USD
Tokens for sale

Investment info

Distributed in ICO

Soft cap
100,000 USD
Hard cap
509,999 USD


Q2 2019

First USDQ and DAo issuing exchanges.

Q3 2019

Ckosed beta test of the collateralised debt position interface.

Q4 2019

Collateralised debt positions interface public beta.

Q1 2020

QBox public beta. Q DAO mining start.

Q2 2020

New stable coin release.

Q4 2020

Launch of our own decentralized exchange.

Q4 2021

Creation of our own blockchain and transferring of the entire system onto it.

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